Kosher Venues for Engagement Parties

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Kosher Engagement Party Venues

Why should you host an engagement party? With a wedding coming up before long, it’s a good idea for everyone involved to meet face to face. If your families don’t know one another well, an engagement party can be a wonderful way for the two sides to meet or get better acquainted. Your bridal party will appreciate the chance to socialize before the big day, too. And of course, with so much joy in your lives, it’s only natural to want to celebrate with family and friends!

Engagement Party Etiquette

There are as many ways to celebrate an engagement as there are couples. Traditionally, the bride’s parents acted as hosts, but today many couples organize their own celebration. If your intended’s parents live in a different city than your own family, you may even opt to hold two events.
The key to an engagement party is timing. You don’t want the event to fall too close to the wedding, so generally it should fall between the proposal and the beginning of serious wedding planning. You will want to allow guests at least one month’s notice, so factor that into account when booking a venue.
Conventional etiquette held that guests at an engagement party should be limited to those who were also invited to the wedding. However, with so many destination weddings and mobile brides and grooms, you may feel free to disregard this guideline. In fact, inviting friends not included on the wedding invitation list may be a great way to keep them from feeling left out of your celebrations. Be sure to keep the invitations for the engagement party simple. Formal invitations should be saved for the wedding itself.
Your engagement party can take any number of forms. An afternoon cocktail party with hors d’œuvres or a buffet table is popular. But you may want to opt for an evening event instead. Keep the festivities informal; you don’t want to replicate wedding speeches or traditions. This is a time to mix, mingle, and enjoy one another’s company.

Finding the Perfect Venue

When some or all of your guests keep kosher, it’s important to find a venue with an excellent in-house kosher kitchen. As befits the occasion, you’ll also want an elegant ambience, and a location that’s fairly central. One of the best kosher engagement party venues in Toronto is the beautifully restored Eglinton Grand at Eglinton Avenue West and Avenue Road. Built in the 1930s as a luxurious movie palace, it was hailed as the "Show Place of Toronto” at its 1936 opening, and won the 1937 Royal Architecture Institute of Canada Bronze Medal. The elegant Art Deco interior was featured sparkling chandeliers, marble statues, murals etched in glass, plush seating, and richly woven fabrics. Now restored and re-imagined as an events venue, the Eglinton Grand is the perfect place to celebrate.
The Grand has a large and varied menu, and is renowned for its kosher cuisine. It features a large ballroom and a smaller gallery space for more intimate gatherings. Despite the period furniture and 1930s glamour, the facilities at the Eglinton Grand are state of the art. Professional and courteous staff will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
Contact the Eglinton Grand venue today and learn more about hosting your kosher engagement party.